Why Jobcast?

Jobcasting is the process of combining job openings and employer branding with audio podcasts. By ‘podcasting your jobs’ you’ll bring your organization and your jobs to life, humanize the face of your company, and tap into social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. With Jobs in Pods, your job reqs and employment branding can have a real voice!


Jobs in Pods has been at the forefront of this ‘new media recruiting’ since 2007. In that time we have produced hundreds of jobcasts with lots of great companies, including the ones you see above.

eMarketer also says the U.S. Podcast audience is expected to grow from 18.5 million users to 65 million by 2012. Podcasts are a great marketing tool for any company that publishes them. And as we know recruiting = marketing.
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Every college kid has smart phone these days, why not reach them on their home turf?
Jobs in Pods is  available for employers, third-party recruiters, agencies and staffing firms.